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Meet The Team


Christina perez

Christina is a mom of four who turned her passion for a healthier lifestyle into a career. Christina fell in love with the culture that surrounds zumba and fitness. Christina is certified in Zumba ,groovy effect and Silversneakers! Her classes are always full of energy and fun, it’s the perfect way to get a workout in while having fun and making new friends!! Join Christina for her next class and work on becoming the best version of you!


ZUmba® Jammer

Mauricio was Born in Colombia and raised in Miami, FL. Mauricio’s love of urban culture has inspired him to add a new twist to Latin rhythms, bringing a fresh style to his Zumba® classes. A Zumba® Jammer for the past 7 years, he is now an international recognized zumba® instructor.


Ingrid roberts
group fitness instructor

Ingrid is an Air Force Veteran, boy mom, and Medical Assistant with a passion for dance and fitness! She is a certified MixxedFit and Grovey Effect instructor and GFI. Her classes are undeniably fun, high energy, and uncomplicated.


naro urbina
hitt instructor
personal trainer 

Naro is a father of four and fitness enthusiast.

Naro is bringing the male perspective to fitness! Naro teaches our HIIT classes, his class will give you the full body workout and confidence you need to see your fitness journey through!! He brings a fun and energetic atmosphere to his classes that push you to your limits. Naro is also a certified personal trainer available to customize your fitness needs! Stop by and get your sweat on today!


Michelle jourigue
zumba® instructor

Michelle has always loved all forms of dance , she found her passion for fitness when she struggled with her own weight loss . She was introduced to Zumba 8 years ago and she was officially hooked. She found a way to help her self achieve a healthy weight loss while having fun . Through her journey she also  found her passion to inspire others to achieve their own fitness goal’s by sharing her struggles. She is now a certified Personal Trainer, Zumba instructor in Aqua, Step and Zumba strong.  Her classes are filled with high energy and pure fun ! I promise an amazing workout while you shake it on the dance floor.


Jennifer dumoulin
turn up dance fitness instructor

Jenny is dancer at heart. 

Her love of dance inspired her to work as a Disney performer and eventually evolved into dance fitness. 

She is now certified in Zumba and Turn up. Jenny wants to show you how to embrace your inner diva, live unapologetically, and dance ruthlessly.


Caitlin jones
zumbini® instructor

Caitlin is a wife and mama of two and has been certified in Zumbini and Zumbini for Schools since 2019. Caitlin absolutely loves providing meaningful time for caregivers and their kiddos to bond during Zumbini!


tiqua oates
mixxedfit® INstructor
grovy instructor

Tiqua  is an elementary school social worker with long lived love for music, dance and the culture of which they originate. She is a certified MixxedFit and Grovey Effect instructor who enjoys dance fitness entirely. She encourages others to take time to take care of themselves and to love yourself first in order to provide for others. Her classes are fun, easy to follow, and a guaranteed sweaty workout.

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